WebBrick: Telerobotics made easy. From HELLO ROBOT Software.

Remote control of
Lego Mindstorms
Over the Internet

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WebBrick 2.4 is a program that lets you connect your Lego Mindstorm's robot to a web-page user interface. When anyone on the internet connects to your web page, they can press buttons on the page that activate your robot. There are 6 buttons you can put on your web page, and they activate the 5 different programs on the brick, and one button stops all programs. You can set up the 5 buttons to run the motors forward and backwards without any programming, by downloading the included "Simple" program. With a more advanced programming language, like NQC, you can program up to 50 buttons for your user interface.

If you have a web-cam, WebBrick is especially fun, since you can set it up so they can watch as the robot responds to their commands. I used this program to make a remote-controlled pointable webcam. When people connect to my web cam, they can press buttons to move the camera.

If you know how to program in JavaScript, you can add even more power to your robot interface. WebBrick can send and receive data, so you can have the web page interact with the robot. For example, you can create a web page that alerts you whenever a light is turned on in your office (as seen by the robot's light sensor). You can have a user interface that appears only when the robot is turned on and has sufficent battery power to complete its task. You can make an automatic pet feeding machine, and get feedback that the food actually dropped into the bowl. The possibilities are endless for creative inventors!
We have put some documentation of the advanced features of WebBrick here. Also included are some troubleshooting tips if WebBrick doesn't seem to be working right on your system. The instructions on the download page are sufficient for getting started, but you can come back here if you want to do more than run programs with WebBrick.