Lego Clock Index

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Amnon Silverstein

I've built many mechanical models out of Lego, so I wanted to try something really challenging. I built a clock out of Lego that kept reasonably good time. I thought it might be the only one of its kind, but after searching the web I found a few others. Now, several years later, there are many. One funny thing I noticed is that not only was I not alone in building clocks out of Lego, but many of the others felt they were the only ones doing this too! Here is a big index of all of the clocks and clock builders I've been able to find so far.

Please let me know if you have any additions for me!

Bill Toenjes just updated all of my broken links and added some new clocks (4/27/04)! Thank you very much for all the help, Bill!


Mechanical Clocks

My Clock Designs, by Amnon Silverstein

Hour Striking Clock by Amnon Silverstein

Bracket Clock by Chris Daniel

Back of the table Clock by Dave Koudys

Longcase Clock by Eric Harshbarger

Pendulum Clock by Leo Dorst

Pendulum Wall Clock by Zef Damen

Lego Idea Book 8888 Clock by Lego

Tower clock with 4 faces by Christopher Phillips

Tufts University clock by Amos Winter (No information)


Electric Clocks

Electric Table Clock by Ben Williamson

Compact Electric Clock by Martijn Boogaarts

Electric Desk Clock by Joe Nagata

Instructions can be purchased

Electric Mantel Clock by Jørgen Ilsøe

Electric Mantel Clock(Broken link?) by Clint Rutkas

Electrified Pendulum Clock by Guy Albertelli

Cuckoo Clock(Broken link?)

Long-running clock by Robert Cailliau

LEGO Rolling Soccer Ball Clock by Bob Kojima (gallery) (explanation) (Movies of the clock in action)

Cad Clock Design by Chris Lomont


Pneumatic Clocks

Animated Clock House by Ryoichi Takahashi

Ball Clock, by Helge Rustad



Equatorial Sundial by Don Rogerson

Astronomical Models

Orrery by Don Rogerson

Orrery by Simon Bennett

Other Stuff

Lego Clock by Lego (But not really a Lego clock per se.)

Clockified-Lego by Suzanne D. Rich

Lego Clock Tower by Lego This is in the Mall of America

LEGO Cuckoo Clock by Bill Vollbrecht

Clock Tower made with LEGO watches by John Gerlach

Great Clock Resources


Mark Headrick's Horology Page has fantastic animated escapements. Essential watching for clock designers, great information flawed only by annoying popup ads.
Clock Precision Metering Tool Uses acoustics to adjust your clock.

Gear Ratios Robert Munafo's table helps you come up with tricky gear ratios.

Diagonal Beam Fits  This helps with diagonal cross-bracing, for making strong Lego structures. I made this.

Lego Technica A great reference to Lego parts